5 Reasons Why Your Immune System Makes an Excellent Frontliner

Boosting your immune system has always been important, but more so nowadays that it could save you from deadly infections.

How Important is Boosting Your Immune System in Today's Time?

While taking care of your health should be important all the time, situations like today’s crisis with the novel coronavirus remind us heavily that we need a healthy body - the immune system, specifically to be able to fight these diseases and carry on with living. Experts highly recommend that taking care of the immune system is the best way to protect yourself from the infection right now.

5 Reasons Why a Healthy Immunity System Should Be Your Main Front liner

Things are difficult, as you can see. It is especially harder to get sick in this tough time, as hospitals get overwhelmed with the rising number of patients and experience shortage of supplies and manpower, so it is advisable that you remain healthy and safe at home as much as you can. You can start using the immune system as your first front liner. Here are the important reasons why:

1) Covid-19 will be here for a while and may recur. 

Can I get COVID-19 twice?” a question like this comes up as claims of re-infected COVID-19 patients were reported, such as the 33-year-old man returning to Hong Kong from a trip to Spain in mid-August who had a different strain of the coronavirus than the one he'd previously been infected within March and other cases reported from Europe as well. Experts say that this links to the absence of life-long immunity and that residual genetic fragments are present in these re-infected bodies that still triggered the positive test results. 

There’s also a study on monkeys that were infected with the SARS-CoV-2 for the second time in which the virus developed antibodies and was protected from illness. However, while this information seems like a reassurance to the current concerns, it doesn’t fully justify the possibility that what happens in monkeys will also translate to humans. Having at least a healthy immune system will keep the possibilities of infection less while you’re waiting for the development of these promising researches.

2) It will take some time for the vaccine to be developed and there will be a long queue for it. 

As much as you want the process for the creation of the vaccine to get done as quickly as possible, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesusel announced in February that it would take at least 18 months for a vaccine to be ready. The constant mutation is making the creation of a vaccine tricky as well. To ensure effectiveness, there is a thorough cycle on the development of drugs for treatment and prevention. According to  José Antonio López, director of the Neurovirology group at UAM, “In the case of a vaccine, reducing the time significantly would be dangerous because the vaccine is a medicine that is given to thousands and thousands of people when we are healthy.“

3) Scientists say the vaccine may last only two to three months, and we might need a regular jab, like the flu jab. 

What will your future be like as it deals with COVID-19? A new study talks about how long the immunity to SARS-CoV-2 will last. Unfortunately, the current suggestions are that it won’t last very long - and it could even be as short as two or three months for some people.

Health sectors all around the world are recommending you to take a regular flu shot or flu jab to prevent the virus while the development for the COVID-19 vaccine is ongoing. Flu vaccines in general are 50% effective, which experts predict would be nearly the same for the developing vaccine for COVID-19. This is why taking care of your immune system, including social distancing, wearing of masks, and disinfecting materials are still necessary to be practiced at all times.

4) The number of people that may be affected in winter, and the next wave will likely go up. 

Although people’s behavior is still the main factor that can impact the pandemic’s movement, flu is known to be seasonal, with some cases showing how they increase when the weather is cool and dry. This brings up the concern over the upcoming winter season, with the possibility of a second wave of COVID-19 for the winter months. Viruses tend to survive better in cold dry conditions, low humidity promotes evaporation of virus droplets into tiny aerosol particles increasing the risk of airborne transmission, and cold, dry air also damages the cells in our airways that clear away particles of virus.

With the expected possibility that COVID-19 will be a lot more sensitive during this kind of season, it is recommended for you to focus on building a strong immune system, along with safety practices such as wearing masks, having humidifiers at home, and more.

5) Boosting your immunity offers extended health benefits. 

Strengthening the immune system doesn’t solely benefit you to fight against such conditions like COVID-19, and it also offers so much more health benefits, which is why you should start boosting it now. It protects you as you go on with daily life, coming in contact with various harmful substances, germs, bacteria, and even fatal viruses that could possibly be encountered. Boosting the immune system also affects various aspects of our health such as the immunity to fight stress and developing a healthy digestive system that also serves as an organ of immunity. You have to remember that as much as the immune system can protect the body, it can also attack you back if it is weakened - another important point on why it is necessary to boost it and keep it strong. 

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