Look Out for These 2020 Skin Care Trends!

Who doesn’t want a healthy and good-looking skin? People are continuously increasing interest and desire to being deeply educated with what should be and what should not be applied to their skin. We’re guessing you, who’s currently reading this article, is also a part of this curious population, is that right? Well, we’re not going to waste your time! Here are the latest trends to look up and try on skincare this 2020! 

Think With The Trees!

Dancing Trees and Flowers - S-CELL Health & Beauty

Skincare brands are now shifting to adapt today’s eco-friendly mindset - so be your own skin expert slash environmentalist! According to a study from Unilever, 33% of consumers prefer sustainable cosmetic brands. Another study on green consumer behavior when it comes to the cosmetic market, 70% of participants wished to buy natural cosmetics, with variations on the influence of a healthy lifestyle on them. Several brands are still re-thinking their approach, and you have a wide opportunity to pick your trusted eco-friendly products. We at S-CELL offers natural skin revival supplements and aims to join the clean beauty trend too!

Smart Beauty with a Personal Touch! 

With the continuous evolution of technology, brands are also working into getting skincare management closer to your devices a.k.a personalization. These are divided into mainly three types:

Getting to Know You Quizzes

Certain brands like Vitruvi, Hairstory, The Buff, and MXT provide fun tests relating to the skin and cosmetics preference which you can take on their websites. The content of the quizzes are questions on your current skin condition, current skincare routine, or customized preferences. Through your honest answers, these brands formulate ingredients and form a personalized kit that leads to, of course, their recommended products.

Skin revolution is now on play stores!

Mobile does it all - like your most reliable best friend! These days, there’s an app for almost everything, and mobile-friendliness is a digital marketing top priority. In a study by Nielsen on mobile consumers, it is found that users spend 89% of their time on mobile apps than websites, which is why skincare companies are starting to swim in as well! The convenience of this leads to the birth of skincare apps here and there… everywhere!

Beauty and tech go hand-in-hand on procedures

If your bank account is on the game for further exploration, you might want to check out skincare procedures! If you’ve heard of platelet-rich plasma treatments, super botox, cosmeceutical-grade ingredients, Kybella, and more, they’re currently part of the emerging trends in the development of dermatology and technical studies. 

Hyaluronic Acid Continues to Top Skincare Charts

While already known as a top skincare ingredient recommended by dermatologists, experts still think that Hyaluronic Acid will be a buzz-worthy trend this year, and will most likely not lose its popularity anytime soon. Hyaluronic Acid continues to hold the title of an anti-aging powerhouse. Benefits include boosting the skin with moisture, makes wrinkles less noticeable, and brightens the skin for that glow up you’ve been dreaming of. S-CELL’s stem cell face mask includes this top ingredient along with comfrey roots, glycolic acid, and more for the perfect anti-aging skin!

Electrolyte Spotlight!

Here’s another ingredient for you to watch out on, ladies and gentlemen. We’re not going to talk about how they’re found in sports drinks, because this is now considered a skincare trend as well! Experts say that electrolytes, specifically magnesium, calcium, and potassium have the capability to maintain the skin's optimal function, especially in maintaining hydration levels.

The rise of CBD

While Cannabidiol is nothing new, it is a new face in the cosmetics class. Some studies from the Italian Journal La Clinica Terapeutica and Journal of Clinical Investigation show CBD’s effectivity in treating anti-inflammatory skin disorders including acne. However, despite CBD being a trend ingredient, experts still raise concern for its certainty, which would need more studies to further understand how CBD affects the skin and what kind of effects it may have.  

Inclusivity is the Key!

Beauty is now inclusive - various brands are hyping up skincare products that cater to everyone - no matter the gender, age, or appearance, they have everything for your specific needs! It is indeed a positive movement to give more opportunities for people to freely express themselves, to show the world their unique individual personalities and lifestyles. This seems like a perfect part of the upcoming week’s International Women’s Day theme, don’t you think? #EachforEqual, everybody!

It’s just the beginning of the year, but there are already a lot of exciting opportunities for you and your skin to explore! While all of them truly look promising, always keep in mind to take one step back, carefully consider which of these suits your lifestyle, your skin’s needs, and your bank account too, of course. Don’t forget to visit our beauty shop and add some all-natural skin care items such as our ultimate beauty pack in your daily routine, beautiful person!