Epigenetics testing plays a significant role in the community’s shift to working on prevention over cure. It has been an accurate answer to the quest for healthy longevity - a great potential to warn us ahead of health risks and help us make healthier life choices. Healthspan, our reliable biological age wellness kit, is the most advanced in the world for these reasons:


Most epigenetics testing kits are fueled by methylation arrays which are prone to batch effects and other external factors such as bacterial presence, these problems are avoided with Healthspan, which is powered by Next-generation Sequencing (NGS) technology developed in partnership with Chronomics, a global leader with MIT Tech Review recognition for the development of epigenetics testing through combining epigenetic sequencing process and machine learning.

Healthspan yields the most on-point aging measurements by assessing undiscovered regions of the human epigenome, accelerating the discovery of foreign chemical marks (known as biomarkers) in the DNA.


Healthspan gives you the power to determine your biological age and know how well you are aging. Our biological age is affected by lifestyle and external factors over time. By analyzing the methylation in your DNA, Healthspan can not only calculate your biological age, but it can also reveal your biological age acceleration.

Biological age acceleration (BAA) is the deviation of your biological age and chronological age. If your BAA is positive, it means that you are aging faster which can be accompanied with worse health outcomes. If your BAA is negative, then it means you are aging at a more considerable and healthier pace. Knowing your BAA rate allows you to adopt the specific lifestyle changes necessary to improve your biological age.


While most epigenetics testing kits solely rely on saliva, Healthspan can also extract DNA from blood, among other recommended sources. Healthspan can provide precise aging measurements with any other tissue aside from saliva, proving its generalizability in aging measurement across technologies.