Stem Cell Technology in a Facial Mask!

Stem Cell Renewal Mask is designed to deeply penetrate the layers of the skin to implant all essential nutrients that can bring a boost to the regenerative functions of epidermal cells. It contains a stem cell stimulating ingredient in the form of 'comfrey roots'. This ingredient has an impressive anti-oxidant property that is clinically proven to boost the repair process of the skin cells and to build new healthy skin tissue.

With the vast opportunities on skincare trends today, it’s not that easy to find what is most appropriate and effective for your skin. Most people would go for all-natural ingredients that aim for skin health improvements, and our stem cell face mask fits this much-needed role!

Revive your fresh and young-looking face – with the unique ingredient called “Comfrey Roots” this renewal mask helps to energize your facial skin deep down the cellular levels to activate rejuvenation. Also, with the hyaluronic and glycolic acid, the facial skin will keep its moisture and will aid any form of damages to erase impurities.

Preserve your beauty – stem cell renewal mask provides a layer of protection to your facial skin. This protective layer is helpful in repelling harmful substances that may damage the skin. Dryness is one of the main causes of aging skin and one of the unique features of this facial mask is hydration. The formulation contains the leading ingredients that are proven to enhance skin water retention by effectively locking-in hydration deep within the skin to avoid drying out.

Bring out your glow – This mask also specializes in smoothing out the facial skin surface and balancing the tone by gradually erasing dark spots and discolorations brought by damages. Fairer and brighter facial skin complexion will take over as new skin tissues are re-built.

With the cutting edge technology and the finest combined ingredients from both modern sciences and ancient times, this top-notch facial mask is the best addition to your skin care regimen to meet your glow up goals in no time.