Health Ingredient Highlight: RedNite®

The nature of beetroots

Beetroot, also called beets is a popular root vegetable similar to turnips used in many cuisines around the world. It is filled with vitamins, minerals (potassium), antioxidants (nitrate that turn into nitric oxide), and compounds that contain medicinal properties and makes it an essential ingredient for the human body. Researchers say it used to start being consumed in Babylon, Greece, Rome, and North Africa during the ancient times, and then modern beet was first found in parts of Germany and Italy. As chemists continuously found various ways of what to make of beets such as sugar beets, it was brought into the U.S. for more production. 

Beetroot powder has various health benefits from strengthening your heart health, increasing power, and endurance when exercising to boost your brain health.

The secret of beets’ powers: Nitric Oxide

Beetroots’ compounds are converted into nitric oxide, a molecule that dilates blood vessels, and allows increased blood flow throughout the body. Nitric Oxide boosts your body’s health and performance in various ways:

    • Enhances sexual function. Nitric oxide is known to treat erectile dysfunction which comes from the amino acid L-arginine and Pycnogenol, a plant extract from the pine tree.
    • Provides muscle relief. A form of L-citrulline called citrulline malate not only increases nitric oxide production but also decreases muscle soreness.
    • The Miracle Molecule. According to studies, NO promotes a healthy heart, razor-sharp memory, and non-stop energy. Taking the right way of raising nitric oxide levels takes you to 200% higher in just 20 minutes!
    • Boosts physical performance. Nitric oxide is involved in many cellular processes, and one of them is the widening of blood vessels which helps increase the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to your muscles during exercise, thus enhancing performance. It’s what made nitric oxide supplements popular among athletes and those active in recreational workouts.
    • Helps manage and prevent diabetes. People with diabetes have impaired nitric oxide production, and L-arginine has been shown to improve blood sugar control in people with diabetes, according to two studies. The first study and the second study both showed that people with type 2 diabetes who took L-arginine had their nitric oxide production increased as well as their insulin sensitivity, allowing for better blood sugar control. 


On the following content below, we’re going to focus on one type of beetroot powder that beets the rest of them, and of which is standardized to 1.5% - 2.75% natural nitrates (converted in the body into Nitric Oxide (NO), which is called RedNite®

What is RedNite®?

Here are some basic and important facts to know first about RedNite®:

  • The first clinically proven fresh beetroot concentrate powder
  • Standardized for 1.5%-2.75% natural nitrate
  • Completely water-soluble, comes in red color and has a generally pleasant taste, which is described as a mild sweetness type.
  • Free from nitrites and synthetic nitrates 

It took four years for the development, research, and launching of RedNite®. According to Enovate Biolife, the precautions that come with its development is the main reason for the duration of the process. The variations of nitrate levels, seeds, ergonomic practices, climatic conditions, and the limit for safe nitrate consumption according to the EFSA (European Foods Safety Authority) contribute to the factors that have been taken into account as a precaution.

Fresh beetroot is processed within 24 hours from harvesting under low temperatures. This is to ensure that it will provide the best color and actives in RedNite®.

What are the health benefits of RedNite?

There are a lot of benefits RedNite® has to offer! Here are clinically proven advantages of the ingredient.

  • Improve muscle and neuromuscular efficiency. Nitrate rich RedNite® (NR) supplementation resulted in increased mean peak EMG amplitude and lower motor unit firing rates, according to these findings.
  • Reduces fatigue, boost stamina and endurance especially one heavy exercise
  • A great potential to combat age-related cognitive decline
  • Helps beat the forces of aging. RedNite® helps you stay active when older by driving better nutrition to muscles. Aging leads to muscle mass and strength decline and this beetroot is just right for it as it has the antioxidants that promote healthy aging.

    What makes RedNite® a wonder ingredient?

    25x more nitrate than beetroot


    10x more antioxidants than beetroot


    Delivers natural nitrate with betalains and polyphenols


    Came from a consistent seed variety to ensure high-quality results


    Safer and more effective compared to other Nitric Oxide beetroot powders

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