SOD B EXTRAMEL® : One of the finest anti-aging ingredients of NAD Revival


SOD B EXTRAMEL® is a natural melon juice concentrate obtained from a unique and non-GMO French cantaloupe melon variety (Cucumis Melo L.).

A French scientist discovered in 1989 that an exclusively grown melons in south of France have an increased shelf life compared to classical varieties. The main reason for this is the molecule SuperOxide Dismutase (SOD), a natural potent antioxidant which is mainly responsible for delaying the senescence process of these melons.

SOD also known as the "Molecule of Youth", is recognized as the only antioxidant able to eliminate superoxide anions, known as the most reactive free radicals, thus preserving DNA structure and slows down cell senescence.

SOD B Extramel® has been studied extensively and has been proven to improve mental performance by 14%, sleep quality by 70%, relieve stress by 21%, muscle tiredness and physical recovery by 9%.

SOD B EXTRAMEL® is one of the finest anti-aging ingredients contained in S-CELL product - NAD Revival.



Video courtesy of Bionov, makers of SOD B EXTRAMEL®