The Right Ways to Care and Communicate With Elders During Social Distancing

Social distancing has become one of the basic rules to prevent the vast spread of the novel coronavirus. While it does help and keep us safe from the pandemic, it could also feel like a lonely experience, particularly for the elderly.  Make sure you keep in touch and take care of them, as they’re one of the most vulnerable people at risk of COVID-19. Here are some tips for you to start!

Communicating through technology

In this unusual time, the virtual experience capacity of technology is most useful. Communication definitely solves the disadvantages of isolation. Take a lot of time to share meaningful or light stories together, play games virtually, or simply catch up on each other’s day. With a wide variety of options, you can choose the platforms to use (Facebook, Skype, FaceTime, etc.), whether it would be through audio or video calls depending on the elderly’s convenience. Keeping in touch will brighten their day and help them think positively despite the situation.

Help maintain their well-being

A state of forgetfulness and lack of energy are things that most people would normally encounter with aging. Serve to be of great help to them by reminding them of the little yet important things that they should do to keep safe from the spread. Encourage and remind them to practice recommended exercises like washing hands every now and then, taking healthy food, doing a bit of exercise, getting good sleep, and more. Allow them to feel a sense of comfort at home by maintaining it clean, and don’t shy away from the bright rays of the sun every morning, or the cool winds at night. Join them in activities that they feel like engaging in such as reading, drinking tea, or simply having meaningful conversations.

Help deliver necessities

More than anyone else, elders are one of those who greatly need the help of those younger and stronger than them to fulfill the necessities needed especially in a tough time like this. Going to the store to buy needed items? Don’t forget to think of the elderly’s needs and drop by to have it delivered in their homes. Food supply, medication, and supplements for the immune system like NAD boosters are some of the most important necessities that they shouldn’t run out to avoid health risks. 

Show that you’re always willing to help

Sometimes, elders are hesitant to ask for help or favor even when they actually need it. Take the initiative of asking them what you can do to help from time to time. Let them know that you’re willing to assist with anything, even if it’s as small as filling a glass of water or helping them with the bathroom necessities. This would make them feel that they’re not alone and can enjoy quality time even in a tough situation.

This is definitely not an easy time for all of us. The need to be optimistic and lean on each other more should be stronger than the rapid spreading of the pandemic. Take care of the elders and take care of yourself as well. Stay safe!

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