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Imagine your entire lifespan as a very long movie, wherein the actors are the numerous cells in your body.

In the same way, how the actors are considered a crucial part of movie production, these cells are also considered as important units that make up your body.

The deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) represents the storyline of the movie in careful narration and detail. On the other hand, Epigenetics represents the director of the movie. The script may remain the same, but the director can choose to eliminate unpopular elements, alter existing angles, and include new facets to the story, in an attempt to improve the quality of the movie.

Epigenetics, defined as the study of how the modification of gene expression triggers changes in the DNA, plays a pivotal role in the quest for longevity.

Considering the above analogy taken from Nessa Carey’s “Epigenetics Revolution,” epigenetics is one of the best approaches in the pursuit of healthier and better living. The role of epigenetics testing in encouraging a healthy lifestyle remains a highly anticipated topic in the field of healthcare. The answers to how our DNA, the body’s chemical blueprint, determines the track of our health as well as to how health can be improved on a cellular level through close observation of our DNAs are just some of the questions that epigenetics testing aims to unravel.



Epigenetics testing is built on one of the most basic principles in healthcare: prevention is better than cure. 

Essentially, epigenetics testing allows the detection of an individual’s future health tracks by observing the history of his/her genetic structure, which carries information regarding genetically-inherited illnesses, as well as genetic mutations environmental and lifestyle factors bring.

These may include (but are not limited to) environmental pollution and occurrence of unhealthy habits (e.g. smoking, lack of sleep, excessive alcohol intake, etc.)

These external factors can trigger methylation, a process where the presence of foreign chemical marks (known as biomarkers) are imprinted on the DNA, affecting its genetic composition and altering its instructions to the cell, potentially triggering fatal diseases and illnesses.

For example, mutations of three genes called BRCA1, BRCA2, and TP53 were observed to increase the likelihood of women's chance to acquire breast or ovarian cancer. Through epigenetics testing, the detection of these mutations can help healthcare providers offer precautionary measures (and possibly even early diagnosis), allowing the individual possessing the mutated genes to have a shift in lifestyle and potentially prevent the disease from happening.

Epigenetics testing gives you the advantage of knowing the factors that drastically affect your DNA and enlightens you with a more specific way to improve your health and avoid chronic illnesses.



Machine learning, a form of cutting-edge technology, supports Epigenetics testing. This top-notch DNA testing technology allows scientists to observe DNA with a bigger and more powerful scope than that of regular DNA tests to expand their findings and draw more specific conclusions.

Epigenetics testing is performed using the client’s saliva as a specimen, from where scientists and health experts extract every biological data necessary for health analysis. Analysis of what appears to be 20 million sites of the DNA will be conducted.

The entire process is estimated to take eight weeks before it is completed. Upon completion of the test, the findings will be categorized into three distinct aspects: level of smoke exposure, metabolic status (defined as how the body is efficiently processing vital nutrients from the body’s food intake), and the body’s biological age.

The results will be recorded and the client will be given not only a summary of his epigenetic health indications but also a monitoring tool to observe his biological age and disease risk levels over time. Afterward, the client will be informed about the healthy choices that will work best for his DNA composition.

Through epigenetics testing, healthcare providers will be equipped with more accurate information regarding their patient’s condition, allowing them to offer more accurate and tailor-made steps for their patients.

Healthcare providers can convincingly encourage their patients to pursue a transformed and healthier lifestyle because their advice was drawn from observations made from the cellular level up to the overall bodily functions. Health and wellness goals will be more specified according to what a particular individual really needs rather than relying on previously established standards, which more often than not, work only on a case-to-case basis.



According to a study conducted by the United States National Health Council, approximately 133 million or more than 40% of the total population of the United States are afflicted with chronic diseases, with the number projected to grow to an estimated 157 million by 2020. Furthermore, it was detailed in the study that four out of the five most expensive health conditions are classified as chronic; namely cardiovascular diseases, cancer, mental disorders, and pulmonary conditions.

With the dawn of epigenetics testing, individuals are offered an insight into their state of health, allowing them to explore various options as they pursue optimal conditions for their health.

As technological advances grow rapidly all over the globe, it is good to acknowledge that the field of healthcare and wellness is also continuously affected on a positive note.



One of the results of the many technological breakthroughs this world has experienced is epigenetics testing. Its capability to provide individuals a future sight regarding possible health concerns allows for the cultivation of a “health first” mindset as well as a better standard for living and in totality, it contributes to the overall longevity of an individual.

Imagine all the money you can save from hospital expenses and medicine if you can prevent affliction from possible fatal diseases coming your way as revealed by your DNA.

In a 2011 research by Vaiserman, it has been stated that epigenetics also makes an attractive candidate molecular mechanism for control of highly integrated biological processes such as aging, which may be referred to as a possible cure for aging. That could have paid for a new home, a good school for your kids to experience good education, a new car, or maybe even a grand wedding celebration.

These advances in Science offer us several opportunities to pursue a healthier, longer and maybe even an economical life. The best approach to such advances is to maximize the possible benefits derivable from it.



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