Healthspan Vs. Other Epigenetics Testing Companies: What Makes the Difference?

Epigenetics is the study of molecular information that controls how our DNA code is read (gene expression) without changing the DNA underlying sequence. It is important because it helps us understand health risks and be able to do something about it to prevent them from occurring. It has become an essential gateway to longevity, meaning to live long and healthy

As this plays a large role in our health for the long-term, we wanted to make sure that we invest a lot of our time and budget towards a reliable epigenetics testing company. Particularly with areas in which epigenetics is still a new thing, people would be very careful looking into the company they’d like to try out a test to.

In this article, S-CELL shows you an overview of Healthspan’s features vs. other epigenetics testing companies.

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What makes Healthspan Different?

Healthspan is the most advanced epigenetics test in the world mainly because of the following unique features no other epigenetics test company has.

The use of next-generation sequencing

Healthspan uses next-generation sequencing (NGS) to help analyze biological data. It is a next-level advancement that enables researchers to look into biological systems in a greater capacity than ever before. This technology is superior to what the other companies use, both in terms of the quality (lower error rates) but also the quantity of the data (number of epigenetic markers assessed). 

Affordable test

In relation to the use of NGS, Chronomics is the cheapest test based on the number of epigenetic markers assessed. This massive difference in the amount of epigenetic data generated allows Healthspan to develop new epigenetic indicators and provide with new updates to their users at no additional cost.

More epigenetic indicators ...and more!

While other epigenetics testing companies focus on measuring biological age, Healthspan extends to more accurate data to offer its clients which are called epigenetic indicators. Aside from identifying your biological age, this test also quantifies other actionable disease risk factors such as metabolic status, alcohol footprint, and smoke exposure. After that, there are also provided data-driven recommendations on how to improve these health areas. In partnership with Chronomics, the research for more possible indicators are ongoing development. 

Healthspan provides an accurate glimpse of your health tracks and tells you how well you are aging using cutting edge technology in the science of epigenetics. It helps you understand possible health risks and helps you make healthier life choices for long and healthy living. Take the test today

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