(Infographics) The Biotechnology Trends We're In For 2020


Stay updated with the current biotech trends of 2020!

  • Mental Health & Power of Nature
    • Companies are continuously finding new approaches to face mental health concerns and apply modern science innovations to it. A Canadian company named Champignon Brands is aiming at hallucinogenic mushrooms, which has compounds that are possibly immensely effective at reducing the symptoms of clinical depression. 

  • GILD’s Treatment of COVID-19
    • Major biotech firm Gilead Sciences (GILD) is working on a potential treatment for COVID-19, a drug called remdesivir. It was 2014 when it was developed to fight against the Ebola outbreak, but it's a recent update, there have been COVID-19 patients that seem to be responding to this treatment for the reason that it inhibits the same enzymes.
    • Another company named Novartis (NVS) is also working on a malaria treatment that is believed to also help to effectively treat coronavirus. 

  • CRISPR and Beyond
    • The well-known CRISPR/Cas technology is now extending and trying to go beyond just genome editing, which is the traditional way these systems work. The tool’s top characteristics are robustness and flexibility, which makes it versatile and now a tool that can be used in many other genome and chromatin manipulation efforts. It can also perform base editing, prime editing, conducting genetic screens, and even as biosensors.
  • The Power of Biotech Companies Unite!
    • Since May of last year, four biotech companies namely Arzeda, Twist Bioscience, Labcyte, and TeselaGen have decided to work on a collaboration with healthcare-related organizations to aim for better outcomes and catch up with the continuously evolving life sciences. This partnership will build a state-of-the-art assembly platform for the DNA. Their primary goal in this project was to craft food products and industry essentials that can be constructed from their labs so that it will reduce the need to harvest or mine DNA supplies. 
  • Value-Based Pricing
    • Companies are now using a live demo of their drug efficacy to show customers a first-hand glimpse of their products’ value. This is a part of more laws and regulations that are made to slow down the prices of biotech products from pharmaceutical and nutraceutical laboratories as well as provide reliable evidence to loyal customers. 
  • Genetics to dominate the stage
    • With the evolving biotechnology, it has now come to incorporate more genetic treatment. An increase in using genetic information for assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of various health concerns for both humans and animals has been the primary objective. Aside from this, this technology will assist experts (researchers and scientists most) in identifying genome sequences that are useful in foreseeing illness, diseases, and disorders such as through advanced epigenetics testing.

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