What is NAD and how is it Different from Niagen?

NAD+ and NADH are the two forms of NAD. They are essential for many biological processes including metabolism, and signalling. High levels of NAD+ have been linked to health benefits like slowing down ageing and better cognition. Niagen is a precursor to NAD+ that has been shown to improve low levels of NAD+ in the body.

If you’re working in the pharmaceutical industry, biochemical sector, or even if you’re just a biology major, then you’ve probably come across the term Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. Also simply known as NAD, it’s an essential molecule that is found in all living cells and is central for metabolic processes.

However if you’re a layman, then terms like NAD, NADH, NAD+, and Niagen can be confusing. And when it comes to taking supplements for your health, it’s better to be well-informed on the substances you’re ingesting and know exactly how they work. To make it easier for readers to understand, we’ve broken down the differences between NAD and Niagen, and explored the benefits of both.

Healthy woman running after NAD supplementWhat is NAD?

The fact that NAD is found in all living organisms in the world is indicative of its importance to life. From the smallest bacterium to more complex creatures like human beings, NAD plays critical roles in metabolism and signalling.


NAD exists in two forms. NAD+ and NADH. To simplify things, it can be useful to think of NAD+ as the base or “empty” form of NAD. It is a vessel used to transport critical cellular ingredients wherever they are needed. NAD+ then is like a bucket waiting to be filled.

Once “filled”, NAD+ is transformed into NADH. The “H” in NADH refers to the negatively charged hydrogen molecule that is then carried to enzymes in the body. This is an important step in the energy making process and hence NAD levels in the body play a direct role in regulating metabolism.

Once transported, the NADH converts back into NAD+, ready to transport more molecules and fulfil its function once again.

How your body uses NAD

Now that we have a cursory understanding of what is NAD, we can look into how our body uses NAD. Unsurprisingly, NAD is implicated in a number of biological processes in the body. Most significantly, low levels of NAD+ may play a role in the ageing process due to its role in cellular energy production, DNA repair, and genomic signalling.

NAD is also heavily involved in skeletal muscle development, sleep-wake cycles, controlling fat metabolism in cells, and converting carbs into energy.

NAD Supplements

S-Cell’s NAD Revival is a supplement that contains Panmol®NADH - a stabilised form of NADH that is preserved using a special process without chemical additives. It is also gastric acid resistant which makes it suitable to be ingested in tablet or capsule form.

NADH in its base form is unstable when exposed to light and air and loses efficacy quickly. Panmol®NADH is synthesised through patented methods that preserves its effectiveness and is able to combine with other active ingredients. Overall Panmol®NADH is the most stable bioavailable form of NADH and is stronger and more effective that other forms of NADH.  

NAD supplements like S-Cell’s NAD Revival have been shown to have benefits that include slowing down the effects of ageing, protecting cognitive function, increased energy, and reduced blood pressure. It is also scientifically supported and certified to be safe for consumption.

What is Niagen

Niagen is the trade name for synthesised nicotinamide riboside, an alternate form of vitamin B3 that aims to reverse ageing from inside your body. It works by increasing the levels of NAD+ in the body to invigorate cell growth and repair. As covered above, NAD+ plays many critical roles, and low levels of NAD+ is linked to a number of health problems.

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Difference between Niagen and NAD

The key thing to remember is that Niagen’s health benefits are all directly linked to its role in increasing the level of NAD+ in your body. In essence, it is a precursor to NAD+.

If you’re looking to fight off the effects of ageing and age-related diseases, it might be preferable to take the direct route of ingesting NADH supplements like NAD Revival rather than Niagen supplements which are only the precursor form of NADH.

Along with Panmol®NADH, NAD Revival also contains ingredients like SOD B Extramel®, Astaxanthin and more to enhance immune response, boost physical performance, and improve mental health.

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