Healthspan Epigenetics Test Kit and NAD Revival [3-month] Bundle

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Healthspan is a biological aging test developed by S-CELL. It is an accurate health tracker that tells you how well you are aging biologically using cutting edge technology in the science of epigenetics. With Healthspan, one has access to the following:

  • Current biological age, a measure of how your body should perform in line with your chronological age
  • Biological age acceleration, the rate of how fast your biological age is advancing
  • Recommendations based on scientific evidence, for adjustments on healthier habits as suggested by your results


NAD is an important part of the cellular energy process.It comes and forms from various molecules called precursors, which turn into NAD+ to supply nutrients to various cells. However, NAD declines with aging, which is why there’s a need for revival and support. 


NAD Revival’s powerful ingredients extend to the improvement of the brain, heart, skin, muscles, and overall cellular health. It also boosts the body’s ability to produce more energy for physical and mental performance. It could also increase tolerance to stress and chronic fatigue.

NAD Revival brings reverse aging into reality. It energizes and rejuvenates every cell in the body by naturally improving a sufficient supply of NAD+ levels.

The synergy of these products bring powerful improvements to your overall health and wellness in a 3-month bundle! Start living healthily today.

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Epigenetics testing plays a significant role in the community’s shift to working on prevention over cure. It has been an accurate answer to the quest for healthy longevity - a great potential to warn us ahead of health risks and help us make healthier life choices. Healthspan, our reliable biological age wellness kit, is the most advanced in the world for these reasons:


Most epigenetics testing kits are fueled by methylation arrays which are prone to batch effects and other external factors such as bacterial presence, these problems are avoided with Healthspan, which is powered by Next-generation Sequencing (NGS) technology developed in partnership with Chronomics, a global leader with MIT Tech Review recognition for the development of epigenetics testing through combining epigenetic sequencing process and machine learning.

Healthspan yields the most on-point aging measurements by assessing undiscovered regions of the human epigenome, accelerating the discovery of foreign chemical marks (known as biomarkers) in the DNA.


Healthspan gives you the power to determine your biological age and know how well you are aging. Our biological age is affected by lifestyle and external factors over time. By analyzing the methylation in your DNA, Healthspan can not only calculate your biological age, but it can also reveal your biological age acceleration.

Biological age acceleration (BAA) is the deviation of your biological age and chronological age. If your BAA is positive, it means that you are aging faster which can be accompanied with worse health outcomes. If your BAA is negative, then it means you are aging at a more considerable and healthier pace. Knowing your BAA rate allows you to adopt the specific lifestyle changes necessary to improve your biological age.


While most epigenetics testing kits solely rely on saliva, Healthspan can also extract DNA from blood, among other recommended sources. Healthspan can provide precise aging measurements with any other tissue aside from saliva, proving its generalizability in aging measurement across technologies.

Healthspan is an accurate biological age wellness calculator by S-CELL Health & Beauty. In partnership with Chronomics, this is currently the most advanced epigenetics test in the world. Discovering how epigenetics is a key to healthy longevity, we aim to help inform you of your health risks and make healthier choices together. How does the process go with Healthspan?


Upon signing up, a testing kit will be sent straight to your home. Provide a sample of your DNA by spitting in the tube and mail it back in the post with our prepaid envelope. Your DNA information will be extracted from the saliva sample you have given, and our pioneering Next-generation Sequencing technology will analyze it.


Within six to eight weeks, the results of your test will be available to view on your personal online dashboard. Your information will be displayed in easy-to-understand interactive reports, giving you a picture of your overall health at a DNA level.


You may use the results to create a health plan consisting of well-informed lifestyle decisions that are most suitable and appropriate for you, all with the purpose of enhancing your biological age. You may also speak with our health experts to create a tailored health plan – it’s up to you.


Check in with your experts regularly to keep you on track and repeat your epigenetics test annually to see your health improve over time.


Knowledge is power, and knowing your biological age with Healthspan can definitely guide you to a healthier lifestyle. Being informed on how epigenetics modifies your biology on a cellular level through the influence of your lifestyle and environment can help you shape your health track for the better. Devoted to its tradition of bringing the finest to wellness, Healthspan is developed according to one of the most basic principles in healthcare: prevention is better than cure.

Epigenetics is a continuously rising solution for the medical community’s shift to prevention over cure, and not everyone is already familiar with the idea. Discover basic and deeper knowledge on epigenetics, epigenetics testing, and S-CELL’s Healthspan to further educate you on what’s in store for your future health in our frequently asked questions below.

What is Epigenetics?

Epigenetics is the study of molecular information that controls how our DNA code is read (gene expression) without changing the DNA underlying sequence.

Why is Epigenetics important?

The ability to understand what causes the changes in your health enables you to find treatments and more importantly, prevent further health decline and diseases.

What is the difference between chronological age and biological age?

Chronological age is simply the number of years since you were born while biological age is how old a person is when looking at their cells, DNA, or tissues. This can change continuously depending on various factors like exercise, diet, sleep, stress, smoking, and the environment.

What is DNA Methylation?

This is a biological process wherein a methyl group is added to DNA molecules to modify changes of the gene, affecting gene expression of a DNA segment without changing the sequence.

What is a biomarker?

A biomarker indicates the presence or severity of some diseases. Chronomics, an epigenetics testing company, considers DNA Methylation as an ultimate biomarker in epigenetics.

What is an Epigenetic clock?

Epigenetic clocks are biochemical tests that measure biological age.

What is Healthspan?

Healthspan, in partnership with Chrononomics, is S-CELL’s biological aging wellness calculating service. It gives you an accurate glimpse of your future health tracks and tells you how well you are aging using cutting edge technology in the science of epigenetics.

Who is Chronomics?

Chronomics is an epigenetics testing company headquartered in Norwich, England that specializes in providing deep biological data for preventive healthcare.

What does Healthspan do?

Healthspan encourages users to track their health and well being through an online digital platform. You are provided a home saliva test kit, and together with cutting edge technologies like epigenetics research, AI, and next-generation sequencing (NGS), highly accurate results are being produced.

What makes Healthspan different from other health trackers?

Healthspan is S-CELL’s breakthrough development and we are also the first to introduce the test in Asia. Considering the entire DNA testing space, this offers the first repeatable DNA test in the market. It is intensively focused on epigenetics rather than genetic study alone, and the most advanced in the world. It is also currently the only test that uses next-generation sequencing technology.

What is next-generation sequencing?

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) is a next-level advancement in technology that enables researchers to look into biological systems in a greater capacity than ever before.

What are the epigenetic indicators according to Healthspan?

Biological age, metabolic status, smoke exposure, and alcohol consumption. Further research is ongoing to discover more factors that serve as indicators.

What is Healthspan’s process?
  1. We will first provide a testing kit sent to your home. Provide us sample saliva in the tube and mail it back in the post with our prepaid envelope. DNA methylation data from the saliva sample will be analyzed using next-generation sequencing (NGS).
  2. Within 6-8 weeks of turnover, you will receive the results of your test will be available to view on your personal online dashboard, or also called user platform. Easily comprehensible interactive reports will be provided to give you a picture of your overall health at a DNA level. On the other hand, health experts/practitioners will also have access to the same data but on a clinical platform, which is another online board with a different format and detailed scientific data.
  3. Once accessed, you may use the results to create a health plan consisting of well-informed lifestyle decisions that are most suitable and appropriate for the enhancement of your biological age. You also have a choice to work with health experts in creating a tailored health plan.
  4. Regularly check with health experts to keep your health on track and repeat your epigenetics test annually to see your health improve over time.
Does Healthspan have an app version to access data?

Currently, there’s no mobile app made to access data. The main access would be on your internet browser, which is also made mobile-friendly for a smooth user experience.

What do I get in the results provided from the epigenetics test?
  1. Biological age

  2. Metabolic status

  3. Smoke exposure

  4. Alcohol consumption

In these indicators, you are going to get detailed interpretations of your health status as well as recommended solutions for improvement.

How do I keep consistent track of my results?

Your health care providers, health experts, or practitioners will be providing the recommendations for you to ensure consistency of tracking.

Will we have access to the clinical platform too?

Essentially, you would be using the user platform to access results and the clinic platform for the health experts. However, there’s a possibility for practitioners to give access to dummy user accounts in case you want to be familiarized with it as well.

Is there an expiration for the testing kit?

The testing kit is quite stable, so you can keep it for years at room temperature. Once the saliva sample has been collected, this should be posted back to the laboratory within 1 week.

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